Press Clipping
Album Review: "Bloodline" by XIXA

How many people do you know where you get a little bit upset to hear from them again?

In the dating game, you're not allowed to call someone for three days after the first date right?

I've always been really bad at dating because I can't play those games. When I liked someone, I just wanted to talk to them, but few people have the singularly creepy focus that I have.

Usually, you're at the bar, you meet someone and they come and have a drink with you and your buddies. After some time, they make their exit and then you think, that was a nice conversation.

But then you're on your way to get another round of PBRs for you and your running crew to drink while sitting around the fire outside, and there he is again, waiting in line to get to the bathroom.

How many times has this been a good thing? I always awkwardly try to not make eye contact and hope I'm not seen....
t's only been a few months since we first met XIXA. Their debut EP, Shift and Shadow, a wonderful mixture of rock and chicha.

To quote Jimi, I see that we meet again.

I received this CD in the mail and I had no idea that it was even on the way.

It was quite a welcome sight.

My first thought was that I was getting an expanded update of their first record, like a few other bands did recently, but this is an entirely new LP!

Sadly, there are no covers that caught my ear like on the last one, but musical homages to Jim Morrison and others permeate the songs.

Bloodline feels a bit more focused than Shift and Shadow, but it's just as zany and engaging. As of this writing, I have already spun this album 5 times.

Instead of feeling like slightly unfinished progressive rock, we get to know what flows in the veins of XIXA. It's a more mature follow up to an excellent beginning.

Like Senator Palpatine said, we'll be watching your career with great interest, XIXA.

Release: 2/26/16
Genre: Rock
Label: Barbes Records