Press Clipping
December 2015

Most bands have to work hard to find their “sound.” In the case of Tucson-based XIXA, it was as simple as listening to the crowd after one of their early shows. “Every time we’d play a chicha song, it would steal the show,” says Gabriel Sullivan of the infectious style of psychedelic music from the Peruvian Amazon that became a foundation for XIXA’s genre-blending sound. What started out as just a fun diversion for the band during those early shows quickly became the catalyst for full exploration into a variety of sounds and genres. “It’s weird. It’s effortless,” says Sullivan’s band mate Brian Lopez. “I don’t know if it’s our backgrounds, with just enough Latin, just enough rock. Alchemy makes it meld. We never sat down in a room and said, ‘We need to sound like this.’ It’s not contrived. When we started playing chicha covers, we learned songs inside and out, and at some point that filters into your original music.” These days, you’re likely to hear a little bit of everything from Americana to psychedelic in the band’s unique sound. Here’s the title track from the band’s new EP, Shift and Shadow, out now on Barbès Records.