Press Clipping
Song of the Day: XIXA – “Shift and Shadow”

Allow XIXA to introduce you to the joy that is Chicha music. From the deep Southwestern city of Tuscon, XIXA has ties with Giant Sand, Calexico and most directly Brian Lopez’s former band Mostly Bears. Growing obsessed with the Peru’s mostly forgotten Chicha music of the 60s and 70s, XIXA founders Lopez and Gabe Sullivan went from covering chicha songs in Giant Sand to forming their own chicha band. XIXA’s debut EP Shift and Shadow is out November 16th on Barbés Records. Hearing it for the first time yesterday, I became instantly obsessed. Cuban rhythms, psych guitars, americana songwriting, and that incredible farfisa organ make for one hell of a fun combination. Beyond their own incredible EP (which includes a magical cover of the Meat Puppets'”Plateau”), XIXA is now responsible for introducing me to an entire style of music. Thank You XIXA.